Xrosswater Handrails – For Durable Floating Platform

The handrails structure is a TUBE FRP in bright safety yellow with black stanchions.

An option is a 10mm stainless steel cable with stainless steel fittings coated in a thick bright safety yellow UV PVC.

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Round Tube Handrail System

Description Dimensions
Distance between Post 1500mm as a maximum
Height of Handrail 1220mm as a maximum
Handrail Post, Round Tube 50x5mm
Handrail Top Rail, Round Tube 50x5mm
Handrail Middle Rail, Round Tube 50x5mm
Kick Plate 101x14x3mm
Kick Plate Splice 45mm wide x 10mm long x 6mm thick
Elbow, BMC
Tee, BMC
Cross, BMC
Foot Base, BMC
Screws, M5 x 75 2 for Elbow, 2 for Tee, 3 for Cross
Anchor Bolt, M6 x 90 2 Bolts for Foot Base

Handrail Options

Option 1

Cast iron options 43mm diameter


Option 2

Composite fitting 50mm diameter