Xrosswater Telescopic Light Poles for Walkways

The unique telescopic light poles allowing easy access to the light fitting without the use of ladders removing OSHA and HSE fall prevention regulations. From 1.5m to over 2.4m

Technical Specifications

For more detailled technical information please download the PDF

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Xrosswater telescoping light poles


  • For luminaires installed on industrial walkways, platforms, stairways and conveyors where OSHA/HSE regulations require fall prevention equipment
  • Hard to reach or dangerous areas where safety is a big concern
  • Hazardous and harsh environments subject to corrosive agents, vibration and extreme temperatures

Innovative Telescopic Design

Easy fixture orientation

  • Adjustable 360° pole rotation allows for effortless positioning of light

Simple vertical travel

  • Easily extend to any raised height – one product covers multiple mounting heights
  • Luminaire housing will not fall from mounting module hinge hook during installation or maintenance
  • No pinch points – protects hands and fingers
  • Less force exerted on handrail

Simple Operation

  • Innovative design eliminates consideration of surrounding obstructions
  • Telescoping design allows for safe transport on job site
  • Easily adjust fixture position from ground or walkway

Designed for harsh environments

  • Classified and hazardous locations
  • No lubricants or maintenance required
  • Rated for corrosive, wet, dusty, hot and cold conditions prior to use of optional harsh environment cover

Rugged construction

  • 2″ bottom pole for higher structural wind ratings
  • Internal conduit for cable protection and moisture resistance

Fully assembled and wired

  • Factory assembled wired and sealed for maximum environmental protection
  • Reduces installation time
  • Ideal for mod yard construction

Significant cost savings
Reduce initial and long-term costs


The only pole replacement solution listed for classified and hazardous locations.