What is the buoyancy of 1 x 3 meter x 1.5 meter section?
Answer: Approx 850kg per section – when linked to the walkway either end the buoyancy increases by approx. 25% to approx. 1000kg

What is the buoyancy of the 1 x 3 meter x 3 meter heavy lift walkway :
Answer: Approx 1750kg per section

What temperature can the walkway operate in and are there any test results?
Answer : The temperatures that the material can operate in is minus 40c to +80c

Please see test certificate (click here)


What is the composite FRP woven deck surface non-slip rating?
Answer: Determination of the non-slip property, workspaces and work areas with a risk of slipping,
Contraction procedure – the Slate Plain, DIN 51130:2004-06. Conducted to the best of our knowledge. The test results relate exclusively to the test objects.Corrected total average acceptance angle: 36.5 ° rating group : R 13

What degree does the pivot walkway can pivot at ?
Answer: The pivot walkway can pivot at 10 degrees over 360 degree circumference

Is the walkway unsinkable?
Answer : Yes it can be made totally unsinkable. For environmental reasons we use HDPE cells NOT Polyethylene foam or polystyrene as other float manufacturers do, as these are not biodegradable or recyclable . All the commercial walkways that we supply to Canada are unsinkable as per Canadian Law.