Xrosswater LED oblong spread walkway light

Our custom LED lights offer a very low voltage lighting system that emits up to 124 Lumens per watt and maximises the light yield by spreading the light in an oblong pattern rather than the conventional round pattern. This oblong spread covers up to 10 meters of walkway area which is double that of the round conventional lighting spread. The  important user benefits of our light system, is that LED emits very low UV light, therefore the lights will not attract thousands of annoying bugs and mosquitos to the work area and the lights have a economic life expectancy of 7 to 20 years.

led light

Technical Specifications

For more detailled technical information please download the PDF

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Electrical Ratings

Voltage Range, VAC 120-277 120-277
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hr
Input Power (Watts) 29 43
Input Amps at 120-277 VAC 0.24 – 0.11 0.35 – 0.16
Voltage Range, VDC 108-250 108-250
Power Factor > 0.90 > 0.90
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 20% < 20%
Nominal Lumens (Type V) F 3,531 5,335

LED vs. HID savings at a glance

Why are so many facilities making the switch from HID to LED?
The numbers say it all.

led savings