Floating Walkway Designs

The Xrosswater walkway once assembled are immensely strong, lightweight, very durable and can be used in climates ranging  from -40F to plus 120F. Our standard floating walkways are produced with aluminum frames, stainless steel fittings, FRP handrails and HMWPE floats.

Option 1: Basic Walkway

Basic Walkway section 3m Long x 1.5m wide.

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Option 2: Regular Use Walkway

Regular use walkway with stabilising float. Over 500m can be shipped READY to ASSEMBLE in a 12 meter shipping container.

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Option 3: Light Use Walkway

Light Use walkway with grating insert and stabilising float to maximise shipping volume – up to 600 meters x 1.5 meters can be shipped in a container – Ready to Assemble

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Option 4: Pivot Walkway

Pivot walkway – sections have the ability to pivot 10 degree and follow dredgers. The engineering allows a walkway of approx 500 meters long to exist WITHOUT anchors and can permit a 70 km per hour crosswind, wave height of 1m and support 1750kg max per 3 meter length.

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Option 5: Folding High Buoyancy Pivot Walkway

Folding High Buoyancy Pivot walkway – sections are folded to enable the walkway to be fully assembled and freighted on flatbed trucks and to site. 14 meter per truck. The floats are folded down within 10 minutes and the complete 14 meters launched easily. Max buoyancy support
1750kg per 3m length.

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floating walkway designs
floating walkway designs
floating walkway designs
floating walkway
walkway designs
Floating walkway fully assembled

Multiple Configurations

Xrosswater’s material is designed to withstand the harsh conditions prevalent in industrial marine locations. The ingenious patented design is multi-configurable, allowing the sections to be assembled SIDE-2SIDE, END2SIDE, END2END. So whether the requirement is a walkway, pipe supports, pump platforms or work platform, Xrosswater can offer a solution.

The products ingenious patented design allows the sections to be assembled

7.5m x 4.5m

4.5m x 4.5m


4.5m x 7.5m

end to end configuration

6m x 6m

exploded view
Xrosswater Penstock pltfm

Pump Frames

To reduce weight and speed up assembly time Xrosswater utilise aluminium beams with the fast assemble right angle brackets. All pre-cut and pre-drilled. M12 (No drilling, no painting, no welding, no priming, no rust)

For more detailled technical information please download the PDF
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