Floating Walkway Designs

The Xrosswater walkway once assembled are immensely strong, lightweight, very durable and can be used in climates ranging  from -40F to plus 120F. Our standard floating walkways are produced with aluminum frames, stainless steel fittings, FRP handrails and HMWPE floats.

Option 1: Basic Walkway

Basic Walkway section 3m Long x 1.5m wide.

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Option 2: Regular Use Walkway

Regular use walkway with stabilising float. Over 500m can be shipped READY to ASSEMBLE in a 12 meter shipping container.

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Option 3: Light Use Walkway

Light Use walkway with grating insert and stabilising float to maximise shipping volume – up to 600 meters x 1.5 meters can be shipped in a container – Ready to Assemble

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Option 4: Pivot Walkway

Pivot walkway – sections have the ability to pivot 10 degree and follow dredgers. The engineering allows a walkway of approx 500 meters long to exist WITHOUT anchors and can permit a 70 km per hour crosswind, wave height of 1m and support 1750kg max per 3 meter length.

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